life hits hard

That moment when your all happy, talking to family friends,   had the most hugest argument with my mom, never thought this day would come but it did, am kind of glad, no more pent up tension, no more stares of hatred, no more arguing (for now) but it all came out with in a few minutes it all came out between one and another. i know where we stand, two strangers living in the same house.

This week on Thursday i am going to visit my older brother, and am happy ive missed his so much, and when i get thier i will give him my decision, i will let him know if i will move in with him or not… to be honest am sure my head isnt in the right place at the moment to make this big of a decision but know is more of a good time that i get to think about a lot of stuff then later….


hopefully in the end i decide what is right and what isnt, its going to be a big change, and what i decided will change my future… :/


tears arent ment to come out unless necessary but at this moment and time i cant help but let them roll down my face…. hopefully they go awayabout-life-sad-quotes-7-400x400……….. 


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