so it rained most of the day yesterday D:

i hate rain but i love it!!

the only reason why i hate and i mean hate rain with a passion is because of the thunder and lightening, i am not sure what it is about those two things but i do hate them, it it was for me the only things from the sky would be rain as in the water!

the reasons i love it is because i think it looks beautiful to see the world in a different view then just hot sun all the time


I had a pretty decent day yesterday! had the day mainly to myself until my sister and family showed up

then everyone was getting mad, and yelling and making me feel like complete and utter shit, yes i am not perfect and never do i want to be, but they gotta realize that am going to do me and they will never be able to change that!

The whole you fucked up when you were little was and is a mistake! like come on people!! what i did when i was around 12-14/15 is in the fucking past get over it, i cant change the past,a nd i cant predict what i am going to do in the future but i have to worry about know is the present, ugh but i guess thats whats happens when you fuck up and the whole world just want to throw it in your face


Rainy day??

i wouldn’t say this is a rainy day because there’s almost no rain

like come one if it was poring and everyone was running around or if everyone was stuck at home yes then that’s a rainy day but no this is not, well to me its not!




Today i actually had a good day!!

A little arguing here and their but i am glad that i decided to go to the beach!

no i didn’t get to swim because it was “too Dirty” but being with family and trying to enjoy the day was actually a good thing…. this coming from me Gasp! its a shocker i rather just stay home and be alone, but i enjoyed my family’s company!